Queue Management


Digital signage can enhance queue management in a variety of ways.

Indeed, digital signage elevates queue management to a comprehensive customer experience, rather than simply waiting in line, digital signage lets queue owners leverage unavoidable waiting time to provide useful and relevant information to customers.

Aside from helping customers, digital signage for queue management creates serious benefits for your business. Consider the value of the “queue” for marketing. You have the captive audience with nothing to do but watch. You have a better time to inform, influence and entertain with content on your digital displays.

Digital signage for queue management is a great way to increase organizational efficiency. While your customer is waiting for the turn you can publish different kind of advertisement for your branding or show the process for specific tickets. In the banking sector, it can be useful, if you can showcase informational displays on digital device that offer guidance on what materials are needed for each request.

Here are few examples of how to keep your customers engaged and entertained while in a Que:

  • Advertising– Transmitting general messages relating to your brand and business or offering product or services promotions.
  • General information– Local or national news programs, weather reports, sports events or other TV programming based on keeping waiting customers interested.
  • Business information– Presenting the services your business specializes in, featuring the company’s new business hours, explaining how to fill service order forms or request a professional consultation, and so on.
  • Ambient videos– Pleasant travelogues or a variety of scenes of landscapes and nature accompanied by appropriate music clips can make the waiting experience more pleasant.
  • Queue Management information– Calling customers forward, displaying directions to the point of service and estimated waiting times.
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