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Pakistan’s position in the digital world is increasing rapidly. As we are in the 21st century, Pakistan is acquiring the digital platform in a well-organized way to cultivate the excessive work load in a self-operating style.

In July of 2016, Xibervision discovered an idea about providing Educational Institutes with the Automated Admission System. This system will lead to allow the students to fill-up their admission forms through the digital kiosk, furthermore students will have the access to utilize this system as their online Academic portal.

Automated Admission System, as a milestone of Xibervision has been introduced in Riphah University by the Xibervision Team. They have been provided with multiple Digital Kiosks with built-in automated admission system according to their stipulations. Riphah University’s students are now getting registered by their own selves through this Digital Kiosk.

Xibervision has instigated the Automated Admission System in the scholastic world, our foremost concern is to provide our clients with the unbeatable sustainable solution to achieve the goal of being in Digital Era.

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